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Receiving your health report is the tipping point of your future wellness. At My Health Report, we want you to succeed when you decide to improve your health. This is important enough to us that we’ve included access to our Wellness Tools with every health report. Free of additional charge.

Inside our My Health Solutions you’ll find Wellness Tools to support you and help you take control of your health.

Reduce your risks with My Health Solutions and Wellness Tools.

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Our Wellness Tools are integrated with our My Health Solutions –your online source to find support at all times.

Inside My Health Solutions you’ll find customized information and recommendations. You’ll also get Wellness Tools to help you plan your health goals. Your Wellness Tools are designed to help you meet the national health standards outlined by Health Canada, but you can further modify your goals to meet your own ambitions.

You will also find various resources for tracking your progress and motivating you to continue working on your health.

My Health Report both gives you the health answers you need and helps you improve your wellness.