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Holiday Overload
    My Health Report
  • on Nov 01, 2015 |

Stress and the Holidays

Most people look forward to the holiday season and spending time with family and friends. But along with the good times, often comes the anxiety and stress that accompanies trying to keep up emotionally and financially with the season. When you add, shopping, parties, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, entertaining into an already full (let’s be honest, jam-packed) schedule, the to-do list can start to feel daunting and overwhelming.
More often than not, the stress leaves us resorting to unhealthy coping techniques such as overeating and drinking. It’s easy to take comfort in falling into these habits,especially when temptation is everywhere and indulging is expected and even encouraged. 
With a few practical tips, you can do more than just push through and deal with the consequences, you can enjoy your time with family and friends.
Top 5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress
1.       Take time for yourself – Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself to rest and recover. The most effective way to keep holiday stress to a minimum is to take care of yourself. Keep up with your exercise, get a massage, and treat yourself to a new book. You’ll have more to give others if you’ve taken care of yourself first.
2.       Have realistic expectations – Let go of the idealized notion of the perfect holiday. It won’t happen, it doesn’t exist and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace the unexpected and unplanned. These can make some of the best memories.
3.       Manage your time – Accept that you won’t have time to get everything done. Decide before the holiday season what you can realistically accomplish. It’s easier to add to your list if you have extra time, rather than crossing off a commitment.
4.       Keep on budget – The desire to give the perfect gift can soon have your expense list over-riding your season’s budget. Remember your family is there to celebrate each other not the gifts.
5.       It’s ok to be sad – If you can’t be with a loved during the holidays or if they’ve passed away, it’s all right to take time to feel sad and express your feelings. Take time to enjoy the people around you and remember those that can’t be with you.
​With the holiday season already here, let go of the holiday ideals and strive to enjoy each moment you can with your family and friends.