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Accelerated Ageing
    My Health Report
  • on Nov 01, 2015 |

Accelerated Ageing

Do you ever feel that you’re too young to be feeling this old? If you have, then at some point you probably thought it had to do with the stress you were under. There’s been a significant amount of information provided on how stress negatively affects our health. It’s been linked to elevated blood pressure, headaches, depression and now research is proving what we always suspected, it’s causing us to age faster too.
Studies are now showing links between high psychological stress and shorter telomere length. Discovered first in the early 1970’s, telomeres are the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes, often compared to the plastic caps on the ends of shoe laces. Telomeres are considered to be the clock of your cell’s lifespan. Each time your cell divides, your telomere becomes a bit shorter. Eventually the telomere of the cell will no longer allow for further replications and the cell will die. The shorter your telomeres, the shorter the lifespan of the cell.
Although chronic stress has been linked to shortened telomeres, there is good news. Studies are also showing that there are actions you can take to help maintain or even lengthen your telomeres.
Stress reduction – Prevent further shortening of your telomeres by practicing stress reduction techniques
Get enough sleep – Poor sleep habits prevent your body to fully rest, discharge tension and recharge.
Learn relaxation exercises – They can be of great help in reducing overall stress. 
Have fun – Never underestimate the psychological benefit of doing things you enjoy.
Exercise – Incorporate vigorous exercise at least 4 times a week.
Nutrition – Evaluate your diet to ensure you body’s receiving enough vitamin and mineral support. Stress can cause your body to use up even greater amounts of your reserves.
We’ve always known that stress impacts your daily life but we now know that it also has an impact on the length of your life. Finding ways to cope with and reduce daily stress is crucial in keeping your body healthy and young.