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Tracking your Steps
    Brianna Shaw, MSP
  • on Dec 27, 2018 |

You may have heard the saying “standing is better than sitting, walking is better than standing”, it’s true! Making an effort to move around throughout the day will greatly benefit you and your life.

Walking is one of the simplest things that you can do every day to keep yourself healthy. You don’t need to spend the day running a marathon or never having a break to sit, but walking or moving more than you are sitting will significantly help keep you more active.

Benefits of walking

-Improves mood

-Reduces stress

-Increases metabolism

-Increases self-esteem

-Increases energy levels

-Reduces risk of high blood pressure

-Tones muscles

-Weight loss

Tracking the steps you take will help you keep track of how much you walk throughout the day and gives you an idea of how you can improve. Try setting a goal for how many steps you would like to take each day and gradually try to increase it over time. This will give you a base and will help you try to motivate yourself while also challenging yourself. It will help you be accountable for the way you spend your day and gets you to make smarter decisions. Comparing your tracking’s will help you see your progress and identify where you can do better.