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Holiday Weight Gain
    Brianna Shaw, MSP
  • on Nov 30, 2018 |

Thanksgiving through to New Years is an exciting time filled with fun, eating, family, shopping, drinking, parties and eating. Did I mention eating? Thanksgiving kicks off what most people see as a season of indulging. And really, what's the harm? After all if it's only a pound or two, isn't it worth the pleasure and satisfaction you get when celebrating? Unfortunately, research is showing the even a couple of pounds gained can compromise your overall health.

Most people have every intention of losing not just the pound or two they gained during the holidays, but also the five or ten extra they started the season with. Even with the best of intentions, the National Institute on Health says most people won't lose even the couple of pounds they gained over the winter holidays. This adds up year after year making holiday weight gain a significant factor for obesity and ultimately, obesity related illnesses.

So what's the answer? How can we enjoy the season without feeling like we're missing out?

1. Never leave the house hungry. If you eat a nutrient dense, satisfying meal, this will allow you to indulge in some favorite foods and treats without overindulging. “Saving up” your calories by not eating before a party or dinner, will almost always guarantee that you end up eating far more than you had planned.

2. Offer to contribute to the meal. Bringing some appetizers or desserts that you enjoy but know are healthier options is always a winner.

3. Watch your drink. Drinks can wreak havoc when trying to watch the amount of calories you’re consuming. Stick with water for the most part. Not only is it calorie free, but it will help you to regulate the amount of food you eat. Just one cup of eggnog can pack up to 340 calories, hot buttered rum 415 calories, and hot cocoa 320 calories.

4. Know what you're eating. Hidden food sensitivities can be a cause of inflammation, one of the biggest drivers of weight gain. If you're diligent with your diet and can't lose weight or stop gaining weight, it may be not how much you're eating, but what you're eating.

No one wants to feel deprived during the holidays. Keeping these few simple tips in mind will help you to enjoy yourself without compromising your health.